New England Patriots backup quarterback Doug Flutie is retiring after his 12th season in the NFL. He ended his season with a drop kick, the first in the NFL in 65 years.

He will be joining ABC and ESPN as a college footbal commentator.

Flutie's 1984 Heisman Trophy is the centerpiece of Boston College's new Hall of Fame; he's still the leading passer in school history. He's also well-regarded north of the border, where he made a huge impact on the Canadian Football League.

His retirement will leave the Patriots without a veteran backup quarterback to starter Tom Brady, a role Bill Belichick has considered important in the past. Some veterans still available are Tony Banks, Jeff Blake, Kerry Collins, Ty Detmer, Jay Fiedler, Craig Krenzel, Tommy Maddox and Shane Matthews. The Patriots are perhaps most familiar with Jay Fiedler, thanks to the many games he started for their division rival Miami Dolphins.


Mon 05/15/06, 1:43 pm EST



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