by user MetsJetsDevils

I am in a keeper fantasy baseball league. We can keep 5 players broken down by 1 IF, 1OF, 1SP, 1RP, and 1 other. My team is stacked. However, I am thinking of trading Miguel Tejada (I want to go with Jose Reyes) for Bobby Abreu. Because of the parameters of the trade, that would give me as keepers Reyes, Jason Bay, Miguel Cabrera, and Abreu. Should I make the deal?

Miguel Tejada's 2003-2005 Stats

<stats> Player=Miguel Tejada Type=Batting Years=2003,2004,2005 </stats>

Bobby Abreu's 2003-2005 Stats

<stats> Player=Bobby Abreu Type=Batting Years=2003,2004,2005 </stats>


Tue 03/07/06, 11:33 am EST

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