The hot news around the NFL today is the Edgerrin James to a three-year deal worth a reported $30 million. The deal includes $11.5 million in guaranteed bonus money.

While some people are claiming this is strictly a financial decision by Edge I think this is a great move for his career as well as his wallet. It’s becoming painfully clear that he won’t win a ring playing alongside Peyton Manning so why not go to a team that has one of the best receiving corps in the League? The Cards have long been the Clippers of the NFL but it’s looking like Dennis Green may be on the way to turning around this laughingstock franchise.

The Cardinals only weakness on offense appears to be at the quarterback position now. While the team has former MVP Kurt Warner to toss the pigskin down the field he’s injury prone and it looks doubtful that he can play 16 regular season games and whatever playoff games the Cardinals would play. Don’t fear Cards fans, there’s a chance that Jay Cutler or even Vince Young may drop to them in the first round. If Cards could draft a young QB to groom behind Warner their offense could be one of the best in the League next season.

As long as Arizona can solidify their quarterback position they will have all the pieces they need to be a legit playoff contender for the length of Edge’s contract.


Sun 03/12/06, 5:13 pm EST



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