by user Madproof9

An article talking about Andrew Brunette on ends with the line "Brunette has three goals in the Avs' eight playoff games this year."

Of all news sources, ESPN, one of the most popular, should at least get its facts correct. The Avalanche have only played six games so far, not eight. The first thing you learn in journalism school is to get the facts correct. Everyone makes mistakes, and maybe in some smaller newspapers it will be alright. But this is ESPN, and this isn't the first time this has happened. A few days ago, there was an article saying the Los Angeles Lakers had won the first three games of the series against Phoenix, and then Phoenix had won the next three. The series is tied at 3 games a piece, but that's not the order that it happened in, and it makes a HUGE difference who won in what order. It's a much different scenario if LA had won the first 3.

I've seen 5-10 instances over the last few weeks alone where this has happened. Again, not huge deals, it's not earth-shattering information that is misreported, but it's a big no-no to report wrong information, especially from a source like this. I think that the editors over at ESPN need to be a little more careful before posting the articles online.

Any thoughts, or instances where you have seen this happen?


Sat 05/06/06, 5:33 pm EST

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