by user Roblefko


I was just looking at and i came across this article, (which is still on the NCAA tournament main page, by the way). In summary, ESPN's experts (Andy Katz, Pat Forde, Jay Bilas, Fran Fraschilla, Doug Gottlieb, and Dick Vitale) made their predictions for the Final Four along with two possible upsets in the first round. In summary, out of the 6 experts' (im not counting the ESPN editor's picks) 24 final four teams (4 for each expert), they got a total of 2 correct picks (Dick Vitale picked UCLA and Doug Gottlieb picked Florida). Heck, 5 of the 6 picked Kansas, a team that got knocked out in the first round, to make the Final Four. Out of their 12 upset picks, they got 3 right (2 experts picked UWM over Oklahoma and one picked Montana over Nevada. In fact, they predicted West Virginia, Washington, and Wichita State to be upset in the first round, and yet all 3 made the Sweet 16. Why do we listen to them, watch their shows, or read their articles. Do they really have any idea what they are talking about at all?


Mon 03/27/06, 11:00 am EST

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