In the wake of the massive media-circus that is the Duke lacrosse alleged rape story… it has now been reported that sales of merchandise bearing “Duke lacrosse” have gone through the roof! Sales of the gear at retail stores on Duke’s campus alone have gone up to three or four times their normal levels. In addition, the average price of Duke gear on EBay have gone up a whopping $10 per item!

I think the problem/question we face here is this… What is the reason for all this excited buying? (1) Is it a way of people showing that they CONDONE what was allegedly done to a black stripper by privileged white kids, without having to actually verbally speak out about it? Boy I hope not! (2) Perhaps it is a way of people to show their SUPPORT for the Duke lacrosse players? Maybe they believe the defense lawyers’ case that the stripper fell and was indeed not raped, and this is their way of showing that… that they stick behind the players 100%? This is what I expect most people to feel out of this choices. (3) Then there might be another reason… perhaps all this increased buying of Duke lacrosse gear merely stems from the American public getting in on the latest “trend.” It is a sad way to think, but I bet this is the case. Why else would women walk around with sunglasses that are bigger than their heads, and make them look like aliens? Latest fad! Why else would women wear furry boots with tassles in the middle of the summer? Latest fad! Why else would men all need the latest and greatest electronic gizmo? Fad! I think you guys get my point! The fact is… that most people in this country (and the world) are followers, and they will buy/wear/live the latest trends to try and fit in and/or get attention. And they are sadly using this possibly tragic event in order to do so.

I don’t know which of the aforementioned choices are the reasons for this frenzy of buying for Duke clothing, or if any of them are at all. What do you guys think of this situation?

Maybe all this publicity will at least do some good and do more than just sell T-shirts… maybe it will give the sport of lacrosse the credit it deserves as a SPORT, and inspire more athletes to take it up?!

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Tue 04/25/06, 10:43 am EST



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