by user Roblefko

As a New York Jets fan, I just wanted to point out that the New York Giants deserved to win 0 games this year, and the only reason they won 11 is because EVERYTHING fell into place for them this year (had all these things happened to a semi-decent team, they would have been Super Bowl champs). Let's take a week by week look:

  • Week 2 vs. New Orleans Saints: Giants receive an extra home game and get to play the Saints who are distracted by the hurricane. Giants win.
  • Week 8 vs. Washington Redskins: Giants play a few days after their owner, Wellington Mara, passed away. Who wouldn't be emotionally charged up in such a situation. Had they not been so charged up, they would have played based on their regular abilities, which would have led to a loss (as can be seen Week 16 against the Redskins when they lost 35-20).
  • Week 11 and Week 14 vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Of course Donovan McNabb gets injured for the season and the Giants get to play the Eagles twice during the next 4 weeks. Giants win both games. Mike McMahon? You gotta be kidding.
  • Week 12 at Seattle Seahawks: League apologizes to Seattle for TWO blown calls, both of which gave the Giants touchdowns. (Giants lost anyway).

Okay, that wasn't a week by week look, but still, that's a lot of things falling into place for the Giants. Ill give them credit for 1 win (the comeback against the Denver Broncos).


July 26, 2017

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