by user Madproof9

Quoted from, no full story yet, just the headline.

"Simply, A Shocker.The Wings had Game 6 in hand. Then, the Oilers played the biggest third period of their season. Edmonton scored four third-period goals to beat Detroit 4-3 and upset the top seed in the series, 4-2."

I would just like to say I that I picked Detroit to lose before the finals, and everyone (about 15 "anonymous fanatics," which I hate)called me an idiot. See Detroit Will Not Win the Stanley Cup. Detroit was completely over-rated, and no-one wanted to believe that. Not even the "experts" at ESPN...

"The Detroit Red Wings are the best team in hockey, and will win the cup no doubt. Red Wings win this series in 4, and the cup in 16." -Jackson

My next prediction...

Colorado makes it to the Stanley Cup finals. Lets hear it "Anonymous Fanatics," start the trash talking now...


Mon 05/01/06, 7:01 pm EST

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