It's taken two stints on the DL and three shots of lubricant into his knee, but David Wells says that he is feeling no pain.

"I feel nothing. I feel nothing when I throw. I feel nothing when I stretch. I am very encouraged," said Wells.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the big man was considering retirement if he couldn't get his knee back to 100%, but he now feels as if he can keep on going. Still, the Red Sox plan on taking their time with him.

"We don't want him back for one game. I don't think it's out of the question he can come back again and feel good, but we need to protect him and we need to protect ourselves," says manager, Terry Francona. Taking out my manager-to-English dictionary, it seems as if Francona is saying that they're in no rush to bring back a 300 pound, 42 year old with bad knees who was absolutely shelled in his last start.

Wells also had some comments to make that weren't concerning his health.

"Awww, poor Joe," Wells said, referring to New York Yankees manager Joe Torre. "Joe's been around a long time. If he's going to have remarks like that, I guess he's getting a little too sensitive." Wells made his comments in response to Torre's expressesd disappointment at the Red Sox fans who booed Johnny Damon. Apparently Torre was surprised that a guy who said he would never play for the Yankees, changed his mind when a few bucks were flashed in front of his face, and then bad mouthed his former team all the way to New York got booed. I'm just surprised no one chucked batteries at him.


Thu 05/04/06, 6:36 am EST


  • Providence Journal


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