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Who is Dave Isaacs you ask? Besides writing The City for, he is “a 5′6″ guard who really doesn’t have a set position. I don’t see the court particularly well enough to be a true point guard, and although I haven’t tried, I doubt I can really defend guards who are 6 to 10 inches taller than me. Now what can I do? Well, I’m left-handed, so my scouting report should probably read ‘Offensively compares to Michael Redd. Defensively compares to Tayshaun Prince.’ Driving left is a skill I’ve ironed out, so teams interested in picking me don’t have to worry about me being predictable and still driving only to the right after five years in the league. Also, I’m a quick learner. Assistant coaches need not worry, because I’m very easily coachable and willing to work late to get it done right.”

Sounds like Dave would be just the kind of player that the Isaiah Thomas would want to select for the Knicks in the Draft this summer!


Sun 04/30/06, 6:22 pm EST

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