by user 15sports

Last night was an interesting night for Baltimore Orioles’ pitcher Daniel Cabrera. When taking a quick look at the box score, you see Daniel going 5 innings with only allowing one earned run. A 1.80 ERA is impressive, especially when it is accompanied by 10 strikeouts. This outing was impressive in a way, just not the way you are thinking as of right now. To go along with that 1.80 ERA, Daniel Cabrera managed a 2.40 WHIP. More importantly, Daniel Cabrera walked 9 batters. He almost had the double double! Only 57 out of 117 of Daniel Cabrera’s pitches went for strikes. To see a pitcher be so unbelievably wild, yet only allow one run in 5 innings of work is unusual. The fact that the Baltimore Orioles won the game is also an impressive outcome for the way Cabrera was controlling his pitches. In the long run, the Baltimore Orioles will be happy with Daniel; he should develop into an amazing pitcher under the tutelage of Leo Mazzone. Until then though, the Daniel Cabrera show will always be an interesting one to watch.



Thu 04/13/06, 5:37 am EST

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