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Damon: "Unfortunately, computers don't judge a person's heart."

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"[The Red Sox] have their plans, and they have their computers, and they believe that's right," Johnny Damon said. "Unfortunately, computers don't judge a person's heart.",0,2373343.story?coll=hc-headlines-baseball

Honest-to-God...Damon is so clueless. I'm sure he's hurt. I know he wants everyone to be a happy family. But he turned down $40 million to take more money elsewhere. Missing Johnny's "heart" aside, the Red Sox have an excellent team going into this season and have set themselves up for a very successful decade. The Yankees continue to tie all their money up in old players for years. They're a short-sighted team, and they still have no chemistry.


Tue 03/21/06, 3:49 pm EST

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