Reasons for Choosing SymTex

1. the really innovative way we develop solutions

Software developers have traditionally focused purely on creating applications in a predefined way. We prefer however to work a little differently, after all it is a 'bespoke' application you are wanting after all. That means we invite you to spend a few days with us at the start of the project, at our expense, to help us design the product. This is a great way to get everyone together, to meet the team and produce something that is going to meet your requirements.

This approach reduces the time it takes to create the applications, whilst ensuring that once completed it is a great application.

2. we are flexible with the tools we use

We are always looking at new technologies and that means we are always trying new tools. That means we are not afraid to look at new ways to build applications for our clients. We select what is the best tool for the project and we focus on getting the best from that tool. We use products from both Microsoft and Adobe in the main, but we have also taken on projects using virtually unknown tools to allow us to meet the requirements laid out by our clients.

3. we are great to work with

A project can last a few months, so you need to know that the people you select to build your application are people you can work with. We are determined to get projects completed to a very high standard and we know that our clients appreciate the extra effort we put in to achieve this. Need to talk to us after 6pm? No problem - you can contact us pretty much anytime during a project even at the weekend. Don't have time to meet until a Saturday? No problem - we can meet you on a weekend if it is easier for you. We think this approach makes us great to work with; we also think we are easy to get on with - but perhaps only you can decide that!

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