by user Thefoulpole

The Foul Pole

The Chicago Cubs are chasing history. No, they aren't going down in the record books for finally winning a world series. The Cubs are chasing a record that is so infamous, even the Kansas City Royals are envious. The Cubs are shooting for the longest losing streak in history.

In the past seven games, reality has dealt a harsh bitch-slap to the Cubs. Losing the last seven in a row, the Cubs are only 14 games behing the longest streak (21 games) set by the Baltimore Orioles in 1988. Since the loss of all-star Derrek Lee, the Cubs have gone a blazzing hot 5-12.

I don't know what would be more honorable: Barry Bonds goin ya-ya for homerun number 714 and 715 off the Cubs (believe me, it's not that hard to hit homeruns off the Cubs...cough*Glendon Rusch*cough), or breaking the all time longest losing streak.

Seriously, since when did ESPN and WGN agree to air tee-ball games?


Tue 05/09/06, 9:09 pm EST

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