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by user ASwaff

I was wondering if anyone could tell me who was commentating the Spurs-Mavericks game on Tuesday. I just want to know, because I want to know from whom I can expect idiotic comments in the future. I saw Brent Barry take a charge that they called blocking, and the commentators said the Mavericks "earned" (EARNED!) that call by being the aggressors early in the game. Later, I saw Parker get elbowed, and they said that the Mavericks had "earned" that call because they were the aggressors early in the game.

What kind of idiot excuses bad officiating by saying that a team "earned" a call that was not only missed, but went entirely the wrong direction. Earning a call is getting a no-call, not having a call go completely the opposite direction. That's just bad officiating.


Tue 05/09/06, 8:55 pm EST

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