In spite of his talent, Chris Webber has yet to lead a team to an NBA ring. At age 34, and with the 2003 injury that took most of his athleticism, the closest he has been to a title was in 2002, when the Lakers defeated the Kings in a controversial Western Conference Finals in seven games. Injury plagued and seemingly always on the wrong side of luck, Webber has been considered by some to be "cursed" and his inability to win the big games have been prevalent since his final game at Michigan.

However, Webber has always put up solid numbers (he averages 20.9 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 4.3 assists for his whole career.) and will likely be a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame after his career is over. He is widely regarded as perhaps the greatest passing power forward of all time and has generally made the teams he played for better. The Golden State Warriors did not make the playoffs during the first 12 years after they traded Webber, and Webber led Washington to their first playoffs since 1989 in 1997. They would not reach the playoffs again until 2005, 7 years after trading Webber. Prior to Webber's arrival in 1998, the Kings made the playoffs only twice (1985 and 1996) since they moved to Sacramento from Kansas City in 1985.


Scouting Report

Strengths: Still one of the best passing/ballhandling big men in the NBA. Has great hands. Showed a lot more ability to get chances around the basket in 06-07, especially after landing in Detroit. When in the low post, he can still score a little with his jump hook. Works best out of the high post.
Weaknesses: Not the greatest midrange shooter in the world at this point, but that doesn't stop him from uncorking them with abandon. Injury-prone, and balky knees have robbed him of a lot of mobility. A truly bad defender, especially at this stage of his career. Rebounding slipped this season. A "high maintenance" personality.
Career Potential: Very borderline Hall of Famer.
Projected Role: Starting power forward, although a 6th man role might be better for him at this point.


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