Chris Mullin is the classic gym rat story. The Brooklyn 6' 6 star spent years developing his shot as his father was a Catholic school custodian. His deadly shooting touch confirmed, he moved on to St. John's University to All-American status. The NBA as well looked to Mullins to score. Initially, it did not look like it was going to happen. Mullin was a serious alcoholic at a very young age. But he disciplined himself to a recovery and training program, and become one of the greatest shooting scorers in the history of the NBA in the 1990s.



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Chris Mullin

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NBA Debut:

Final Game:

Years in League:

Teams: Golden State Warriors Indiana Pacers

Career Statistics

  • Points Per Game:
  • Rebounds Per Game:
  • Assists Per Game:

Career Highlights

  • All-Star Games:
  • NBA Championships:
  • Olympic Gold Medals: 1984 1992

College: St. Johns University

Date of Birth: July 30 1963

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York


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