The China Open is a professional snooker tournament. It is one of a number of ranking tournaments.

The event was revived for the 2004/05 season due to the increasing popularily of snooker in China. To this extent, an extra wildcard round was included before the first round proper to allow for sixteen of the top Chinese players to showcase their abilities. It was the first ranking tournament to be played in Asia for three years.

The tournament currently takes place at the Beijing University Students Gymnasium, Haidian District, Beijing in March. It is the last ranking event before the World Championship, although its qualifying tournament is held in December, before several others, due to the organisational logistics of players travelling outside Europe.

The China Open was also a ranking tournament between 1995/96 and 2001/02, with a one season hiatus in 1997/98, played under the names of China International, Asian Classic.


Year Winner Score Runner Up Score
1996 Template:Flagicon Ronnie O'Sullivan 9 Template:Flagicon Brian Morgan 8
1997 Template:Flagicon Steve Davis 7 Template:Flagicon Jimmy White 4
1998 Template:Flagicon John Higgins 9 Template:Flagicon Billy Snaddon 3
1999 Template:Flagicon Ronnie O'Sullivan 9 Template:Flagicon Stephen Lee 2
2000 Template:Flagicon Ronnie O'Sullivan 9 Template:Flagicon Mark Williams 3
2001 Template:Flagicon Mark Williams 9 Template:Flagicon Anthony Hamilton 8
2005 Template:Flagicon Ding Junhui 9 Template:Flagicon Stephen Hendry 5
2006 Template:Flagicon Mark Williams 9 Template:Flagicon John Higgins 8
2007 Template:Flagicon Graeme Dott 9 Template:Flagicon Jamie Cope 5
2008 Template:Flagicon Stephen Maguire 10 Template:Flagicon Shaun Murphy 9

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