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The thing about sports is that people cheat all the time, but we do not consider it illegal until you get caught.

In baseball, people use too much pine tar, use corked bats, scuff the ball. In hockey, goalies use equipment that is too big, players have the blades of their hockey sticks too large or bent at an illegal angle. In football, players put glue on their gloves so that it makes catching the ball easier. These are just several examples and there are many more. Until they're caught, nobody knows they cheated and they get away with it. In all sports people use performance enhancing drugs, whether steroids, another form of illegal drugs, or something that is technically legal.

People are quick to crucify Barry Bonds and the rest of baseball's recent stars. First of all, there still has to be proof that these guys actually took steroids. Now although it is pretty obvious they did, without proof, you cant really do anything about it.

With regards to Barry Bonds, Bonds may be the excpetion. When he was younger, pre-steroids, he was a lilliputian of a man compared to what he looks like now. Pre-1999, which is about when he suddenly became a behemoth with muscles the size of Howard Johnson's chest, his stats probably would have gotten him into the hall of fame anyway. Pre-steroids, he was MVP 3 times, was one of only 2 members of the 40-40 club (at that time),

Member of 40-40 Club Pre-Steroids

<stats> Player=Barry Bonds Type=Batting Years=1996 </stats>

MVP 3 Times Pre-Steroids

<stats> Player=Barry Bonds Type=Batting Years=1990, 1992, 1993 </stats>

and was all around a great player. If proof exists for Bonds, which probably will happen, then the debate should be whether he deserves to get in pre-steroids, pre-cheating. Most people would say he disgraced the integrity of the game, and cheated, and should not get in to the Hall.

Maybe we should open up a separate wing in Cooperstown (or maybe a separate special Hall of Fame in the San Francisco area) for these steroid users. Jose Canseco has admitted to cheating and obviouisly will only end up in the Hall of Fame when steroids become legal (NEVER).

As for different types of illegal acts, like Pete Rose, if he bet on baseball, while involved with baseball, and it may have affected how he managed his team, even in the slightest, he disgraced himself and the integrity of the game, and there is no place for him in the Hall of Fame. His credentials as a player, as the all time hit leader and one of the hardest workers in baseball say that he deserves to be in the Hall. Maybe, if they ever open up the separate wing for cheaters, they can place Rose there as well.


Sun 03/12/06, 11:34 am EST

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