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Happy Mother's Day! This year I'll be doing hours of back breaking work for my mother in her yard and garden. Next year I'll just buy her the stupid bike that she wanted. Love ya ma!

  • Reports out of NY have the Knicks parting ways with Larry Brown soon. This is crazy, and here's why: 1) You can't fire a coach after one year. Unless of course he's really, really, really bad or he killed somebody. 2) The Knicks have the highest payroll in the NBA and some of the worst talent in the NBA. Last time I checked the GM had a little bit to do with that. 3) This situation has the opportunity to provide high comedy for all of us for the next year. What stupid thing will Isiah Thomas do next? What will Brown or Marbury say next? Who knows, this thing could go anywhere. However, if Isiah decides he is firing Brown so he can coach the team, then I am all for it. Nothing is funnier than Isiah coaching a crappy team that he put together. Who would he blame when things go all to hell?
  • There is no joy on the north side of Chicago right now. Without D. Lee the Cubs have tumbled, losing 13 of their last 14, basically giving them the same record as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They absolutely need pitching to help them stop this slide (I'm looking in your direction Mr. Zambrano) and I believe getting a healthy Wood and Prior back are the only way they'll have a chance till Lee has fully recovered.
  • I know it's only mid May, but division races appear to already be heating up. In the AL East you have Boston and New York tied with the Blue Jays only a game back. Chicago and Detroit are separated by only half a game in the AL Central, while St. Louis, Cincinnati, Houston, and Brewers are all within 5 games of first in the NL Central. In the NL East the Phillies, winners of 13 of their last 14, have pulled within one game of the Mets, and in both the NL and AL West, all four teams are within 4 games of first place. So far, it looks as if we may have quite a few tight races to watch come the August.
  • Rasheed Wallace guaranteed a game 4 victory for the Pistons over the Cavs Wednesday night. I am now actively looking forward to this game. This will be a true measure of whether or not King James is the heir apparent to MJ's throne. If Rasheed would have said something like that playing against Jordan you know MJ would have dropped 60 points on them and had a least 3 higlight reel dunks over Rasheed. It brings a smile to my face thinking about those days and how basketball used to matter. Lebron, here's your chance to bring me closer to caring again.
  • Rumor has it that Reggie Bush has told his agent to get his deal done quickly with the Saints no matter what it takes. Now here is a guy who is showing an understanding of what the Saints return to the city of New Orleans is going to mean this year and how much he, as the #1 draft pick and potential face of the franchise, could hurt or help with both his team's and city's resurgence. Bravo!
  • Fans at the San Jose Sharks game Sunday booed the Canadian national anthem because they were playing the Edmonton Oilers, a team based in Canada. I could tell you how stupid this is, but we're talking about people that live in a state that elected Conan the Barbarian governor. Enough said.
  • Finally, I swear I will throw my freakin' remote through my TV if ESPN doesn't stop flooding it with Barry Bonds crap. The absolute worst part is when they break in for every one of his at bats live. THIS HOME RUN WON'T EVEN PASS RUTH PEOPLE, ONLY TIE HIM! Why do I need to see this? At this point does anybody rationally believe, even at ESPN, that 20 years from now everyone will want to remember where they were the day Bonds hit 714? NO! Now get off my television and let me watch the 2004 World Series of Poker reruns in peace.

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Mon 05/15/06, 11:36 am EST

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