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As Virginia Tech as moved from conference to conference over the years, this makes keeping non-local rivalries difficult. However, there are a few that Hokie fans gear up for each year, especially as Virginia Tech football rises as a national power.

University of Virginia

As the only two D-1A schools in Virginia, the University of Virginia is Virginia Tech's biggest rival. While UVa was a member of the ACC, Virginia Tech was an independent in football and joined a variety of conferences in other sports. Even so, these two schools would make a point to play each other every year.

The two schools depend on each other and both benefit from the rivalry. Such is why UVa went to bat for Virginia Tech during the ACC expansion to twelve teams. Initially overlooked by the conference in favor of Syracuse University, it was pressure put on by UVa that moved Virginia Tech ahead of Syracuse and into the ACC.

In football, this rivalry has attained such a status that the game, usually scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving Day, is usually picked up by ABC for regional broadcast. The addition of the Commonwealth Cup has futher added to the rivalry by allowing each school something to fight over, even if it doesn't have the klitch of an axe, an old oaken bucket or an egg.

The rivalry extends to other sports to the point that the two schools created the Commonwealth Challenge. Encompassing all of the Varsity sports that both schools participate in, each school's victories count as points toward winning the challenge. Basketball and football count for two points as the other sports count as one point. In the 2005-2006 season, UVa won by the score 14.5 - 7.5.

University of Miami

West Virginia University


Virginia Tech's sports teams are called the Hokies, except for the swim team, which uses the variant "H2Okies," a play on the chemical formula for water. The Tech mascot is the HokieBird.

The word, which originated from the Old Hokie spirit yell, penned in 1896, is often used interchangeably with "Fighting Gobblers" to refer to sports teams, fans, students, or alumni. The official university school colors - Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange - also were introduced in 1896. The colors were chosen by a committee because they made a 'unique combination' not worn elsewhere at the time.[1] The mascot is the HokieBird, a turkey-like creature. The teams were originally known as the "Fighting Gobblers," and the turkey motif was retained despite the name change.

The stylized VT (the abbreviation for Virginia Tech) is used primarily by the athletic department as a symbol for Virginia Tech athletic teams. The "athletic VT" symbol is trademarked by the university and appears frequently on licensed merchandise.

During the early years of the university, a rivalry developed between the Virginia Military Institute and Virginia Tech, then called VPI. This rivalry developed into the original "Military Classic of the South," which was an annual football game between VMI and VPI on Thanksgiving Day in Roanoke, Virginia. This rivalry continued until 1970 when Tech's football program became too large and too competitive for VMI. Today, Tech's major athletic rivalries include the Virginia Cavaliers and the Miami Hurricanes.

Virginia Tech's fight song, Tech Triumph, was written in 1919 and remains in use today. Tech Triumph is played at sporting events by both the Virginia Tech band, The Marching Virginians, and the Corps of Cadets' band, the Highty Tighties. The Old Hokie spirit yell, in use since 1896, is familiar to all Tech fans.

Before Virginia tech takes the field, the crowd, cheerleaders, band, and the mascot jump continuously, while "Enter Sandman" by Metallica plays in the stadium.

Quick Facts

Athletics Logo

Established: 1872

School Type: Public

President/Chancellor: Charles Steger

Location: Blacksburg, Va

Campus Size: 2,600 Acres

Enrollment (2005-2006): 25,915

Faculty: 1,265

Mascot: The One and Only Hokie Bird

Stadiums: Lane Stadium (Football) Cassell Coliseum (Basketball)

Colors: Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange

Team Nickname: Currently: Hokies, Formerly: Fighting Gobblers

Conference(s): Atlantic Coast Conference


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