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National Championships

Men's NCAA National Titles

  • Football (11)
  • College World Series (12)
  • Gymnasitcs (1)
  • Indoor Track and Field (2)
  • Swmimming & Diving (9)
  • Tennis (16)
  • Track & Field (26)
  • Volleyball (4)
  • Water Polo (3)

Women's NCAA National Titles

  • Basketball (2)
  • Swimming & Diving (1)
  • Tennis (2)
  • Track & Field (1)
  • Volleyball (3)
  • Water Polo (2)
  • Golf (1)


USC's cross-town rival is UCLA. USC also maintains a rivalry with Notre Dame that predates the one with UCLA. Each year, USC plays these two rivals. The winners of these two games earn temporary rights to respective trophies.

USC versus UCLA

The the winner of the UCLA game gets the Victory Bell. The 295-pound bell, which originally rang atop a Southern Pacific locomotive, was given to the UCLA student body in 1939 as a gift from the school's alumni association. However, during the opening game of UCLA's 1941 season, six members of USC's Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and "borrowed" the bell. For over a year, the bell remained hidden: in the fraternity’s basement, in the Hollywood Hills, and even beneath a haystack.

In 1942, a photograph of the bell was printed in a USC publication, resulting in an uproar at UCLA. UCLA students painted the Tommy Trojan statue at USC and Trojan students retaliating by burning USC initials on UCLA lawns. A truce was called after the USC administration threatened to cancel the upcoming football game between the two. On November 12, 1942, the student body presidents of both schools agreed to a true, and made the bell the trophy for the annual game between UCLA and USC. Thereafter, the winner would keep the bell for the following year. Furthermore, the USC alumni association reimbursed their UCLA counterparts for the cost of the bell.

Unfortunately for USC, 1942 was the first year UCLA won the annual cross-town football game with a score of 14-7.

USC versus Notre Dame

The winner of the Notre Dame is the Jeweled Shillelagh, a gaelic war club passed between the victor in the Notre Dame-USC football match. The Shillelagh is adorned with Trojan heads and Shamrocks correlating to victories by both schools.


Quick Facts

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School Type:



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Mascot: Traveler VII


Colors: Cardinal and Gold

Team Nicknames: Trojans, Ladies of Troy

Conference(s): Pac-10


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