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Managed Paul Medati, Les Dodd and Doug French from 1980-1983. Anthony ran a successful snooker business from 1970 to 2000 When he retired at age 52 to persue a more relaxing life.

In 1992 he became a professional player achieving little success but climbed to the top 150 in the Embassy Rankings. He is probably the only player to be a professional for as long as thirteen years to have reached the top 150 and never collected any prize money.

He appeared on TV a few times including the explanation and demonstration of the "kick" to Steve Davis. His explanation of chalk being the cause of "kicks" has never been disproved. Todays fine cloths are thin enough to such a degree that any grain of chalk can act as a deflection and give rise to cause a kick. Moisture on the hand, cue or table allows chalk to stick to balls when coming into contact with chalk in its dampened state, whether it be off the cloth, ball or tip.

Every kick causes chalk to stick to both object and cue ball and both balls should be wiped clean after a kick, something that is rarely done thus leaving one ball with chalk still adhering to it.

From 1970 Anthony played as a keen amateur, supplied snooker equipment to over 65 countries, managed three good professional players and played professionally himself for thirteen years.

Soon after retirement in 2000 he helped his former customers by overseeing imports from Taiwan and China on their behalf, a task that could be performed from the comfort of his own home with hours to suit himself.

Anthony, is now fully retired apart from giving after dinner talks, recalling his pleasent times with snooker.

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