Listed below are players that have been selected 3rd overall in the NBA Draft.

All-Star Game Selections (Michael Jordan, 14; Wilt Chamberlain, 13; Paul Arizin, 10; Dominique Wilkins, 9; Grant Hill, 7; Kevin McHale, 7; Nate Thurmond, 7; Tom Gola, 5; Marques Johnson, 5; Pete Maravich, 5; Gene Shue, 5; Anfernee, Hardaway, 4; Bob Kauffman, 3; Buck Williams, 3; Zelmo Beaty, 2; Baron Davis, 2; Sean Elliott, 2; Jerry Stackhouse, 2; Shareer Abdur-Rahim, 1; Chauncey Billups, 1; Bill Cartwright, 1; Paul Gasol, 1; Darrall Imhoff, 1; Christian Laettner, 1; Clyde Lee, 1)

MVP's (Michael Jordan, 5; Wilt Chamberlain, 4)

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