Listed below are players that have been selected 2nd overall in the NBA Draft.

All-Star Game Selections (Jerry West, 13; Bill Russell, 12; Bob Pettit, 11; Isiah Thomas, 11; Gary Payton, 9; Dave Bing, 7; Jason Kidd, 7; Alonzo Mourning, 7; Bailey Howell, 6; Bob McAdoo, 5; Rudy Tomjanovich, 5; Wes Unseld, 5; Otis Birdsong, 4; Mel Hutchins, 4; Joe Caldwell, 2; Earl Monroe, 4; Sidney Wicks, 4; Steve Francis, 3; Maurice Stokes, 3; Terry Cummings, 2; Kenny Anderson, 1; Bill Bradley, 1; Ray Felix, 1; Alex Groza, 1; Antonio McDyess, 1; Rik Smits, 1)

MVP (Bob McAdoo, 1; Wes Unseld, 1; Bill Russell, 5; Bob Pettit, 2)

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