Male Yeast Infection

I am sorry to tell you this guys but the is such a condition as Male Yeast Infection.

One of the biggest misconceptions amongst men is that yeast infections are solely a woman's problem. Although men are fortunate to not be nearly as vulnerable as women in contracting yeast infections, they are most certainly subject to acquiring one. Here we will cover a few of the most common ways that men fall victim. On a side note. Candida Albicans, which is a yeast, is the little fungus that causes them. A general term used to describe fungus infections of all types is Candidiasis.

If your sexual partner has a vaginal yeast infection, it is possible for you to become infected with one as well, through unprotected sexual intercourse. So in some sense, it could be viewed as an STD. However it is important to note that Sexual transmission of yeast infections is uncommon.

One of the most common other factors is a prolonged use of antibiotics. While antibiotics were designed to kill the harmful bacteria, they can also kill the beneficial bacteria as well, leaving you vulnerable to Candida Overgrowth. Your body needs these beneficial bacteria in order to keep Candida Albicans under control. Without enough of them doing their job, Candida will begin to multiply fast.

Symptoms Of Male Yeast Infection

Signs and symptoms that you may be suffering from a male yeast infection include a reddish rash, along with itching or burning at the tip of the penis. Thankfully, most male yeast infections are easily treated with non-prescription antifungal treatments, such as Monistat. Yes, the same stuff that women use. Apply the medication directly to the affected skin twice daily for a week. If the rash doesn't go away, or if it recurs frequently, consult your doctor.

If you are feeling any symptoms, or your sexual partner shows any signs or symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection, you should both be treated. Otherwise it is possible to keep reinfecting each other. Also, it's generally recommended that you refrain from sexual contact until all signs and symptoms of the infection are gone.

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