by user Sports Writer06

Barry Bonds and his home runs are truly starting to aggrivate me. Not only does the home run total have its own ticker on SportsCenter, but now as he edges closer, they send us live to his at bats. Now living on the east coast, this cuts into my 11 o' clock sports center, and quite frankly, I'm tired of it. I mean come on, Sports Center or Baseball Tonight, getting interrupted for a ground out to short? I must admit when he flew out to Juan Pierre on Monday night, I was excited to see it go...or not. Damn you Pierre, now all of us have to suffer for one more homerun to go out. Sure, I can understand why some may want to see it...on the west coast. Just imagine if he does approach Aaron. Will ESPN air the games live? Lets just all hope he's not stuck on 713 for long.


Thu 05/11/06, 4:46 pm EST

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