FANDOM has reported that the Broncos have traded the 22nd pick in the NFL Draft to the 49ers for the 37th and 68th pick in the draft. This gives San Francisco 2 picks in the opening round and gives the Broncos 7 picks in the first 4 rounds of the draft.

The 49ers moving into this spot could indicate that they are after RB Lawrence Maroney, OLB Chad Greenway, OLB Bobby Carpenter, or DB (and possibly WR) Antonio Cromartie.

For the Broncos the move could mean they are satisfied with the RBs in their backfield and won't go after a RB until day 2 of the draft.

FOXSPORTS.COM - In initial negotiations the Broncos were trying to get the #6 pick in the draft, where they were targeting TE Vernon Davis. The 49ers did not trade the pick, which eventually led to this agreement.

This may clarify the intent of the Broncos with this trade. With the depth of TE in this draft several solid receiving TEs should be available in round 2 (Marcedes Lewis, UCLA or Leonard Pope, UGA if they use their first 2nd round pick or Dominique Byrd, USC or Anthony Fasano, ND if they use their second 2nd round selection). If the Broncos don't take DeAngelo Williams there's a strong possibility they go TE, RB in the second round. The Broncos may also be after RB LenDale White, whose stock has fallen to the point where he could be available with the 2nd round pick acquired from the 49ers.

From the 49ers standpoint, they made a huge mistake if Denver offered both 1st round selections for that 6th pick. It isn't known whether that happened or not.


Wed 04/19/06, 10:05 am EST


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