On Thursday, Rio Grande prosecutors charged Brazilian soccer player Antonio Carlos with racism after TV images showed him shouting “monkey” during a state league match on March 5. Racism is a crime in Brazil. Antonio Carlos faces from one to three years in prison if found guilty but prosecutors did say, however, the player can avoid a trial if he agrees to have 10,000 handbills made with the saying, “We are all equal,” and “Say no to racism.”

Putting Brazil’s handling of the situation on the side for a moment, let’s just focus on the player, Antonio Carlos. The year is 2006, Antonio. Just stop it. There is no place for this kind of attitude or behavior. I don’t even want to waste my breath (or keystrokes) on you, but I wanted to bring your pathetic name to light. Hopefully you can reform yourself and make this better.

From the


Sat 04/15/06, 4:31 am EST



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