by user Bobo

La Seleção. Total football. But a total mess-up for the qualifying. For the first time in the history of the world cup, they had to qualify for a place during 2006, despite being previous winners. A comparatively easy task, though, they won their last match in Belém 3-0 against Venezuela, and stood head and shoulders above the rest of the teams, amongst them Argentina, Colombia, and Chile.

The first stage sees Brazil face Croatia, Australia and Japan. Let's just reflect on the Confederations Cup of five seasons ago. 1-0 to Australia. So regardless of the team Brazil put out, there's always 22 players on the pitch, and for as long as that is so, Australia stand a chance.

I'm getting desperate here. It's difficult not seeing Brazil reach the final and thrash the second-place team, whoever they be. After four years ago, where we saw so many surprises in the opening stages and yet such a classic final between two supergiants of the football world. It's impossible to guess what will happen, but after Senegal defeating France in 2002, I'd love to see something shocking. A sixth title? Probably. Little more to be said, sadly.

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