by user Em3

It has been leaked that the prima donna, sexual assaulting, egotistical maniac known as Kobe Bryant will be switching his number from 8 to 24 next year. What a chump. Let's boycott his jersey. Pledge your boycott here:

Bryant claims it is because that is the number he wore in high school. Yea, right. This is just another example of Kobe trying to be someone he’s not: Namely, Michael Jordan (who, of course, switched from 23 to 45 upon his return). For Jordan, a number change was mainly a tribute to his father. But for Bryant, it is simply a way to get his name in the papers again, and to sell another boatload of jerseys. More importantly, it also shows us that in the midst of the NBA playoffs, Kobe is thinking of important matters, such as which number would look more aesthetically pleasing on him.

Give me a break, Kobe. When will you learn? Anyway, I am hereby starting a boycott of all LA Laker Kobe Bryant jerseys. Whose with me? Pledge your boycott by commenting at


Fri 04/28/06, 4:02 am EST



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