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The Boston Red Sox and their star pitcher Curt Schilling opened the season well in the Lone Star State, defeating the Texas Rangers 7-3.

Schilling threw 117 pitches, allowing only one extra-base hit over seven innings of work, while the newly acquired Kevin Millwood gave up five runs and seven hits in five innings.Schilling begins the season with a 2.57 ERA. Closer Keith Foulke, also injured last year, had a less than stellar debut, allowing one hit and two runs in one inning.

On the offensive side of the bat, DH David Ortiz went 3 for 5 with a home run. Catcher Jason Varitek and shortstop Alex Gonzalez both went 2 for 4, while second baseman Mike Lowell had a home run in his Red Sox debut.


Mon 04/03/06, 4:35 pm EST



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