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The game starts off with a Derek Jeter error getting Kevin Youkilis to first base. Mark Loretta gets a base hit, and Hideki Matsui injures his wrist trying to make the catch. He'll be leaving the game - hopefully he'll be OK. Bubba Crosby replaces him in left, and Bernie Williams comes in to the game in right. Shawn Chacon gets Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz to pop out, but then walks Trot Nixon to load the bases on two outs. Mike Lowell comes to the plate and flies out to Bernie Williams. Tim Wakefield starts things off with a strikeout of Johnny Damon. Derek Jeter gets a base hit, while Jason Giambi flies out to Willy Mo Peña. Jeter steals 2nd, and Wake walks Alex Rodriguez and Bernie Williams. Now both teams have had the bases loaded in the first. Jorge Posada sends it up the center and gets two runs in. Robinson Cano strikes out, but the New York Yankees have the 2-0 lead.

Willy Mo Peña starts off the second inning for the Boston Red Sox with a walk. Doug Mirabelli sends it right to Bernie Williams for the first out; Alex Gonzalez pops out to Miguel Cairo in foul territory, and we're back to the top of the order. Chacon strikes out Youkilis, and it's a much shorter second. Miguel Cairo strikes out swinging, but Bubba Crosby gets a triple to right field. Johnny Damon lines out to Kevin Youkilis on a back-handed catch, then Derek Jeter flies out to Peña. Through the first two innings Chacon has 49 pitches, and Wakefield has 47.

It's the end of the consecutive games streak for Matsui, since according to the rules he wasn't officially in the ballgame - even though he was injured in this ballgame. Strangeness.

The third begins with Mark Loretta getting another double (he leads the majors in doubles). Loretta goes to third on a wild pitch, then heads home with the help of Big Papi. Now it's 2-1, New York. Manny sends it right to Johnny Damon, then Trot Nixon gets a hit on the first pitch. Mike Lowell is robbed of a home run by Bubba Crosby, a homer that would have tied the game. Jason Giambi strikes out swinging, but A-Rod gets a single. Bernie Williams pops out to Manny, and Jorge Posada walks. Robinson Cano pops out to end the inning.

Willy Mo Peña starts the fourth with a leadoff double. Doug Mirabelli has a homer stolen from him by Johnny Damon in the deepest part of Yankee Stadium. Alex Gonzalez flies out, Kevin Youkilis is walked, then Mark Loretta is retired by Chacon. Miguel Cairo quickly strikes out, but Bubba Crosby gets a single to right, then steals second - the fourth stolen base tonight for New York. Johnny Damon pops out to Kevin Youkilis, then Derek Jeter sends Bubba Crosby home with a double, giving them a two-run lead. 3-1, New York. Jason Giambi strikes out, giving Wakefield his sixth K, but the damage is already done. Wakefield finishes the fourth at 81 pitches to Chacon's 82.

David Ortiz sends it to Bubba Crosby for the first out; Manny Ramirez draws a walk. Nixon flies out to A-Rod. Mike Lowell gets a single, giving the Sox runners on first and second. Chacon's 101st pitch, to Willy Mo Peña, is in for a ball, as is his 102nd. Then Peña gets ahead 3-0; one imagines this will be Chacon's last batter, no matter what happens. Chacon loads the bases, and sure enough his night is over. Scott Proctor will be in to face Doug Mirabelli, who almost had a home run last inning. Mirabelli sends it to Bernie, and the Sox leave it loaded again. Alex Rodriguez favors Tim Wakefield with his 7th K of the night; Bernie Williams sends it right to Youkilis for the second out. Jorge Posada strikes out, giving Wakefield eight K's; he finishes the inning with 93 pitches.

The sixth begins for the Red Sox with a single from Alex Gonzalez. Kevin Youkilis gets another base hit, giving Boston two men on with no outs. Mark Loretta works an 0-2 count into a base hit; 3-2 New York. Mike Myers will come in to do the job he was signed for - that is, strike out David Ortiz. So for this year he hasn't been able to do it. Can he get it done tonight? The answer is yes - Big Papi pops out to right. Tanyon Sturtze comes in to face Manny Ramirez, and walks him. The Red Sox will now see the fourth Yankees pitcher of the inning, as Ron Villone comes in and gets a pop out from Trot Nixon; Mike Lowell gives them another quick out to end the inning. Robinson Cano flies out to center to start things off; Miguel Cairo strikes out again, giving Wakefield nine tonight. Bubba Crosby flies out, and the home half is over. Matsui has a fractured left wrist and will have surgery on Friday; no word yet on how long he'll be out.

In the seventh, Willy Mo Peña strikes out swinging; Doug Mirabelli gets a base hit into left center field. Thanks to a Bernie Williams error, Alex Gonzalez gets to second and Mirabelli heads to third. Willie Harris is pinch-running for Mirabelli, so Wakefield is done for the night, and Kyle Farnsworth is coming in to pitch for the Yankees. Youkilis lines it to Robinson Cano. Mark Loretta sends it to right to Jeter, but the throw to first draws Miguel Cairo off the bag, and two runs score. Boston gets their first lead of the night, leaving the game at 4-3, Boston. Sure enough, Mike Timlin comes in for Boston, and immediately Johnny Damon grounds out. Derek Jeter gets to single on a line drive to center, and steals second. Jason Giambi strikes out for the third time tonight, then Timlin strikes out A-Rod after a protracted at-bat.

Manny Ramirez and Trot Nixon start things off with strikeouts, then Mike Lowell has a base hit taken from him by a diving Bubba Crosby for a quick Boston eighth. Keith Foulke enters in the eighth (with Jason Varitek joining him) to face Bernie Williams, and gives up a leadoff double. Jorge Posada flies out to Willie Harris, then Robinson Cano gets an out to third base. Jonathan Papelbon is brought in to face Miguel Cairo, and strikes him out after an eight-pitch at-bat.

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera comes in for the ninth, and quickly Jason Varitek pops out to Alex Rodriguez. Willie Harris lines it to right, then Alex Gonzalez grounds out to first, getting Harris into scoring position. Kevin Youkilis lines it into left, getting an RBI off Mariano Rivera, making it 5-3 Boston. Mark Loretta tries to bunt, but is out at first. Papelbon faces Bubba Crosby to start things off in the home half of the ninth; Bubba grounds out to first. Johnny Damon swings at the first pitch and pops out to right field, remaining hitless in the game. Derek Jeter, with three hits and three stolen bases, works it to a full count and draws a walk from Papelbon, but Jason Giambi pops out to Gonzalez.

Despite a string of bad luck (including Ortiz and Ramirez combining to go 0-for-8) and steady rain towards the end of the evening, the Red Sox pulled out the win, taking the division lead and putting the season series at 3-1, Red Sox. Papelbon gets his 13th save of the season and Tim Wakefield improves to 3-4. Neither team had any home runs this evening, though two Red Sox hitters came very close. This was Tim Wakefield's third straight victory. Let's all hope Hideki Matsui recovers quickly.

NESN Play of the Game: Mark Loretta's single in the seventh, with the throw that Miguel Cairo couldn't grab from Derek Jeter.

Yankees Pitching

Shawn Chacon: 4.2IP, 5H, 1ER, 5BB, 1SO, 0HR
Scott Proctor: 0.1IP, 3H, 1ER, 0BB, 0SO, 0HR
Mike Myers: 0.1IP, 0H, 0ER, 0BB, 0SO, 0HR
Tanyon Sturtze: 0.1IP, 0H, 0ER, 1BB, 0SO, 0HR
Ron Villone: 1.0IP, 2H, 0ER, 0BB, 1SO, 0HR
Kyle Farnsworth: 1.2IP, 1H, 0ER, 0BB, 3SO, 0HR
Mariano Rivera:1.0IP, 2H, 1ER, 0BB, 0SO, 0HR

Red Sox Pitching

Tim Wakefield: 6.0IP, 6H, 3ER, 3BB, 9SO, 0HR
Mike Timlin: 1.0IP, 1H, 0ER, 0BB, 2SO, 0HR
Keith Foulke: 0.2IP, 1H, ER, 0BB, 0SO, 0HR
Jonathan Papelbon: 1.1IP, 0H, 0ER, 1BB, 1SO, 0HR


Thu 05/11/06, 7:03 pm EST


  • NESN Telecast


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