• What’s with Jared Dudley being the only Eagle to not shave his hair off? I understand his hesitancy to shave his braids but when your team decides to do something like shave your hair off you gotta’ take part in that.* Craig Smith grimaced in pain after grabbing a board five minutes in the second half and Eagles fans across the country collectively held their breath. The trainers checked out his ankle during the next timeout and he was cleared to continue playing. This injury could cause problems tonight and may affect Boston College’s next game.
  • Oates picked up his fourth foul midway through the second quarter and Smith showed great leadership skills by calming down his teammate.
  • Heading into the game a lot of talk was about Boston College’s rebounding advantage yet Pacific held 29-28 rebounding edge.
  • Freshman Tyrese Rice was 0-6 from the field and 0-5 from three point range but nailed his first field goal of the game with a huge three with three minutes remaining in the second overtime.
  • BC has won their last 9 overtime games


Thu 03/16/06, 3:41 pm EST



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