Barry Bonds told USA Today that he will call it quits after the 2006 season. Citing "all of the crap going on," his leg problems, and that baseball is not "fun" anymore, Bonds (708 home runs) stated that even if he fails to pass Babe Ruth (714) and Hank Aaron (755), his career will end with this season. Bonds later hedged his story, claiming that if he is physically able to play in 2007, he will.

Comparison of Bonds, Ruth, Aaron

Barry Bonds Babe Ruth Hank Aaron

<stats> Player=Barry Bonds Type=Batting Columns=Year,AVG,HR,RBI </stats>

<stats> Player=Babe Ruth Type=Batting Columns=Year,AVG,HR,RBI </stats>

<stats> Player=Hank Aaron Type=Batting Columns=Year,AVG,HR,RBI Extras=Total </stats>


February 19, 2006




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