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  • Volghan

    ولقان حسینی

    April 22, 2015 by Volghan

    ولقان حسینی

    ·         کارشناس ارشد و متخصص تبلیغات و تجارت الکترونیک.

    ·         کارشناس طراحی اینترنت و تکنولوژی از دانشگاه نوادا، لوس آنجلس (UNLV).

    ·         کارشناس نرم افزارهای کامپیوتر از موسسه بین المللی آموزش مهندسی اینترنت (IIET).

    ·         گواهی ایزو 9001 از انستیتو کیفیت خدمات هند (IQCS).

    ·         گواهی ایزو 9001 در کیفیت خدمات از بریتانیا (BCI).

    ·         مدیر دفتر تبلیغات و تجارت الکترونیک یزد.

    ·         عضو انجمن طراحان وب.

    ·         مشاور و مجری تجارت الکترونیک شرکت های بین المللی UM Nutrition, Alien Entity, Impoex, HDPET, Marine HVAC, Wiedehopf Holz, RM Jeans و گروه هتل های Z.

    ·         مشاور و مجری تبلیغات کارخانه های آلومین میبد، دانا الکترونیک، صنایع شیر ایساتیس، صاعقه الکتریک، شیمی پلاستیک، مروارید پلاستیک، گروه صنعتی حکیمیان و ...

    ·         م…

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  • Porterfield

    Day 11 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....

    Wives and Girlfriends of Athletes

    These are some of the most famously scrutinized WAGs in the business. If you don't know by now, WAG is an acronym for "Wives And Girlfriends" that applies to the significant others of famous athletes. Many WAGs are models, some even supermodels, but every now and then you get a celebrity actress, singer, or television personality (often in the from of your most terrible guilty pleasure: reality television. And no, Kendra Wilkinson did not make the cut this time).

    Celebrity obsession in our society just gets more intense with each year, and if you find yourself in the grocery store check out lane flipping through US Weekly to see what your favorite Patriots Quarterback…

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  • Porterfield

    Day 11 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....

    Sports You're Embarrassed To Watch, But Can't Turn Away

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  • Porterfield

    Day 10 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....

    Sexy Female Athletes

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. You probably wouldn't watch most of these sports, but if you do, it's for these 12 ladies. The sad thing is that you've probably heard of most of them only because they have done photoshoots in bikinis for men's magazines like Maxim, FHM, and the like. Check out the photos and choose which girl you think is the sexiest female athlete. If your favorite isn't on the list, add her to the comments section below!

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  • Porterfield

    Day 9 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....

    Sexy Male Athletes

    Admit it ladies, sometimes you will succumb to watching a sporting even that you wouldn't otherwise tune into just because some of the athletes are easy on the eyes. That is a quintessential guilty pleasure. Some of those athletes are so sexy that they even make extra money on the side as a model.

    Below you will find 12 men who are not only top of their game, but are often considered the sexiest athletes around (some guys have all the luck). Choose who you think is the hottest and vote for them below. If your favorite sexy athlete isn't on the list, add them in the comments section. And don't worry guys, we will have something for you tomorrow!

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  • Porterfield

    Day 8 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....

    Sports Movies

    When it comes to sports movies, almost all of them follow a very similar formula and the end result is usually pretty cheesy. You've got your heroic comebacks, montages, special plays, grumpy coaches, overweight teammates who provide comedic relief, etc. Because of that, nearly every sports film can be considered a guilty pleasure. Here's a shortlist of some of the best. If your favorite one isn't on the list, add it in the comments section below.

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  • Porterfield

    Day 7 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....

    Convicted Athletes

    We've compiled a list of extremely famous athletes who are also criminals. They take the term guilty pleasure to an extremely literal level. Surprisingly, all of them were very famous before they went to jail, because they were so amazing at their respective sports, and going to jail just made them even more famous. And almost all of these athletes spent at least a year in jail, with a few exceptions. Check out the list and pick out your favorite one! If you were President, whom would you pardon?

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  • Porterfield

    Day 6 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....

    It's tough to make a guilty pleasures list for NFL players because it seem that fans will love any player on their favorite team even if they play dirty, talk a lot of trash, don't live up to their hype, party too much, have been accused of murder, have been sentenced to prison for operating a dog-fighting ring, or just aren't very good at football. Check out the list and vote at the poll below.

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  • Porterfield

    Athletes can be hated on for many reasons: their attitude towards fans and the media, their behavior on the court, and what is often the case, because they are just really good and successful. Sometimes, athletes are just hated because of their ex-wives. And on that note, Day 5 of Sport's Guilty Pleasures is....


    Check out the list and vote at the poll below:

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  • Porterfield

    This might be bittersweet for hockey fans because of the current NHL lockout, but Day 4's guilty pleasures are...

    Below is a list of arguably the 10 most hated players currently active in the NHL (or, at least they were active before the lockout). They are hated for being pests and/or enforcers, and below I've provided clips of their worst moments: illegal hits, cheap shots, dirty moves, fighting, etc. The links will take you to each player's page on the Ice Hockey Wiki. Go through the list and choose the player that is your guiltiest pleasure (face it, if you love fighting and cheap shots in hockey, it's a guilty pleasure), and vote below.

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  • Porterfield

    For Day 3 of Sport's Guiltiest Pleasures, we present...

    Golfers and tennis players are usually sophisticated, mellow guys who have good manners and like to stay out of the limelight, so I've had to group them together to find enough guys who can be considered "guilty pleasures."

    It all fell apart when he crashed his car (enjoy the animated reenactment of this incident in the video, which was produced by a Chinese news station). If you don't know about the rest of Woods' downward spiral as a womanizer, which cost him tons of sponsorship deals, how did you end up here?

    This overweight, chain-smoking, alcoholic golfer is actually a fan favorite in some parts of the country. I mean, just watch the clip! Playing golf with no shirt, no shoes, with …

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  • Porterfield

    It's the second day of Armchair GM's Twelves Days of Guilty Pleasures, and today's theme is:

    Today we have a list of some of the most hated baseball players in the history of America's pastime. Some of them haven't played in years, and some of them are currently active in MLB, but all of them have been accused of cheating at the game and being a jerk.

    • Most hated MLB player in 2012 as voted by the fans [1]
    • Trash talker
    • Fighter
    • Arrogant/Cocky
    • Dyes hair blonde
    • "If you play against him, you hate him. If you play with him, you hate him a little less." - Manager Ozzie Guillen

    • Went from scrawny to freakishly beastly (see photo)
    • Notoriously grumpy towards fans, media, and teammates (a common side-effect of abusing steroids)
    • Tainted home run record h…

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  • Porterfield

    Alright Armchair GMs, today marks the start of Wikia's 12 Days of Guilt! Each day, right here on this Wiki, we will be bringing you a top ten list from various categories of sport's guilty pleasures, and you get to vote for your #1! For the first day, our theme is:

    Balotelli is a young Italian primadonna who plays for Manchester City and frequently makes extremely stupid, immature, and/or strange decisions, mostly off the field. For how short his career has been, the amount of hate for this kid is off the charts. When playing for Inter Milan, he appeared on TV wearing an AC Milan jersey. In a later match, he tossed his Inter jersey on the ground in anger after being substituted out in a Champions League semifinal. In Manchester, he is very …

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  • Alius999

    Хотите узнать как растут мышцы? Пройдите по ссылке и вы будете удивлены!

    Если у Вас аменорея - вы должны знать как её лечить. Аменорея лечение. Вы также найдёте советы по лечению первичная аменорея, вторичная аменорея а также узнаете о методе лактационная аменорея.

    Самые эффективныеупражнения с эспандером помогут быстро придти в форму!

    Хотите узнать признаки симпатии парня к девушке? Пройдите по ссылке и вы узнаете!

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