Men's Basketball Championships

Season Regular Season Champion Tournament Champion
1980 Georgetown, St. John's, Syracuse Georgetown
1981 Boston College Syracuse
1982 Villanova Georgetown
1983 Boston College, St. John's, Villanova St. John's
1984 Georgetown Georgetown
1985 St. John's Georgetown
1986 St. John's, Syracuse St. John's
1987 Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Syracuse Georgetown
1988 Pittsburgh Syracuse
1989 Georgetown Georgetown
1990 Connecticut, Syracuse Connecticut
1991 Syracuse Seton Hall
1992 Georgetown, St. John's, Seton Hall Syracuse
1993 Seton Hall Seton Hall
1994 Connecticut Providence
1995 Connecticut Villanova
1996 Connecticut Connecticut
1997 Boston College, Villanova Boston College
1998 Connecticut Connecticut
1999 Connecticut Connecticut
2000 Miami, Syracuse St. John's
2001 Boston College Boston College
2002 Connecticut, Pittsburgh Connecticut
2003 Pittsburgh, Syracuse Pittsburgh
2004 Pittsburgh Connecticut
2005 Boston College Syracuse
2006 Connecticut Syracuse

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