by user UCBearcats1125

The past few weeks and months have tested our loyalty to this program. The departure of the most successful basketball coach in school history is tough to move on from. Seeing him last week in Manhattan, Kansas accepting a job offer at Kansas State and holding up a purple pullover with “K-State” written across the front has been tough. Bob Huggins’ assistant being named the interim head coach and doing a very successful job considering the circumstances. Then he was shown the door because of his affiliation with Bob Huggins which he did not back away from. Within minutes of Andy Kennedy accepting a job to Ole Miss, the University announced a successor. His name is Mick Cronin who grew up in Cincinnati and was also a Huggins assistant at Cincinnati. Completely did not make logical sense since Cronin did the held the same exact job title as Andy Kennedy before he decided to go to Louisville and take an assistant job there. Although I am not real sure what to think of all of this yet I know I will still root for the Bearcats even though in no way am I going to help this administration out with hard earned money out of my pocket. Unfortunately Huggins is gone and will never coach at UC again, accept it and move on. Go Bearcats, Wildcats, and Rebels!


Sun 03/26/06, 10:50 am EST

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