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A daily baseball show on ESPN that plays highlights of the previous days of baseball. Also includes commentary.

Current Baseball Tonight Personalities

Past Baseball Tonight Hosts


  • 3 up, 3 down: 3 players/teams each that are either on the uprise or downside of their seasons or careers (in the case of players).
  • Analysis: a more in-depth look at baseball topics, players, and upcoming games.
  • Chatter Up: This segment is new for the 2007 season, in which fans get to submit their thoughts on certain subjects via and then they are shown at the bottom of the screen and discussed on the show.
  • Diamond Cuts: Airs on the Sunday edition, a montage of the week's best plays set to music.
  • Extra Bases: a more in-depth look at a particular game after the highlights have aired.
  • Highlights: the most important happenings from the days' Major League Baseball, occasionally also featuring other baseball competitions such as the World Baseball Classic, the College World Series, Minor League Baseball, or the Little League World Series. Virtually every MLB game is shown at least once, more if there are in-progress highlights to report on.
  • Inside Pitch: This segment usually features Peter Gammons giving his insight on the latest news and rumors from around baseball.
  • Leading Off: usually the first segment of the show, giving the day's baseball news, for example, trades, injury updates and hirings and firings of managers.
  • Kurk Gems: Tim Kurkjian gives unusual stats from the world of baseball.
  • Most Important Thing: Analysts' comments on the most important story from the day's happenings in MLB. This is usually the final segment of the show.
  • On The Phone: a live phone interview with an MLB player, coach, or general manager, usually regarding the most recent game played and outlooks on the future of the team.
  • Out of the Box: This segment is similar to Leading Off, where they preview what is coming up on the show.
  • Stat of the Night: an interesting baseball statistic from the day's happenings in MLB.
  • That's Nasty: New in 2007, a segment showing the best pitches, usually with the most movement, of the night.
  • Touch 'Em All: significant home runs of the day.
  • Smash of the Night: The most significant home run of the day. Usually the ball hit the furthest, for the most poinbts, or by the most famous player.
  • Web Gems: the day's five best defensive plays. On Sundays, the best defensive plays of the entire week air.


In recent years, many former fans of Baseball Tonight have commented on the lower quality of the show in recent years [1]. This is usually attributed to statements made by analysts Steve Phillips and John Kruk, which are seen as misguided, uninformed, or even deliberately inflammatory. An over-focus on the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are also often cited as downfalls of the current incarnation of the show.

In May 2007, John Kruk revealed at least some of his less-than-intelligent statements on the show were made under pressure from ESPN brass [2].

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