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Rules and Exceptions

Rule 1: Typically someone with above average power who has the ability to drive in runs. This player doesn't have excellent power as the 4 hitter usually does, but has enough power to hit 20-30 home runs a year. The 5 hitter is typically in place to help protect the 4 hitter so that he may see more pitches, but is also purposeful in being able to drive in runs that the 3-4 Hitters do not. 

Examples: Hunter Pence (Phillies), Mark Teixeira, Todd Helton. 
Exceptions: On teams with incredibly explosive lineups the 5 hitter can have almost as much power as the 4 hitter, or as much ability to drive in runs as the 3 hitter. Teams with a good 3-4-5 in their lineup are most often, playoff teams.

Rule 2:


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