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Rules and Exceptions

Rule 1:


Rule 2:


Notable Pinch Running Moments

  • In 1976, the Oakland A's Larry Lintz scored 21 runs and stole 31 bases. Why is this notable? Because he had only four plate appearances. Lintz was used primarily as a pinch runner. He was not even used often in the field, recording a mere two putouts and two assists at second base (five appearances), and recording none of either in three appearances in the outfield. Perhaps more incredibly, Lintz was not the A's only designated runner. Manager Chuck Tanner also employed outfield Matt Alexander in a similar role. Alexander's line for the season: 23 appearances in the outfield, recording 23 putouts; 30 plate appearances; 1 hit and no other times on base; 16 runs; 20 stolen bases.

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