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Why didn't he pinch hit for him? Does he not know what a double switch is? Birkenstock men Boston Clogs How many times have you wondered out loud that you could be a much better manager, then oh, Nike Whosesale say, Grady Little. Well now you can be! ArmchairGM needs your help. Let's put together a Guide to Smart Baseball. When is it appropriate to hit and run? When should you intentionally walk a batter? We are trying to answer this as well as many other questions.Click on the appropriate links below, and then hit the edit link on the top right of each page to add your knowledge.
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Rickey Henderson swipes third for the New York Yankees in 1985

Chapter 1

Base Running


Tagging Up

Chapter 2



Ichiro Suzuki lays down a bunt


Barry Bonds hits game tying pinch hit homerun off Billy Wagner

Chapter 3

Using Your Bench

Chapter 4



The Hit and Run in motion


San Francisco Giants fans keep track of intentional walks totals using rubber chickens

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Positioning the Defense


Infielders discussing strategy

Chapter 7

Lineup Construction


The ideal leadoff man?

Chapter 8

A Sabermetric FAQ


Billy Beane, patron saint of Sabermetrics.

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