Josh Bacott over at STL Sports has a great article on Baseball Jersey Wearing 101. Here's a taste:

3.) Your Own Name isn’t Cool
We’ve already touched on the fact that first names don’t belong on a jersey, so now we’ll take that the next step – never put your own name on a baseball jersey period. The only time this is acceptable is if your last name happens to be shared with a player and onlookers won’t know the difference. If your name is John Oberkfell, then this may be the one time that actually comes in handy.
It’s your jersey and your money, so ultimately you can stitch whatever name you’d like on it, but please know that if you do go with your own name, you might as well be holding a sign that reads “I’m a dork” in front of 40,000 other fans in the stadium.
As a fan, the most you are granted in my book is the right to occasionally throw out the word “we” when referencing the Cardinals and that’s only legal after 20 years of uninterrupted fanaticism. Your gameday attire is no place to live out your life long fantasies.
8.) Do Not Tuck In the Jersey
For the love of God, it’s a baseball jersey not a Stafford Wrinkle Free. Just because big leaguers tuck it into their baseball pants does not make it okay for you to tuck it into your pleated khakis. Jerseys of all kinds - football, basketball, hockey sweaters - must be left untucked at all times.
If you’re a “tuck everything” kind of guy, then get yourself a nice Cardinals polo. Just don’t stitch a name on the back.


Fri 04/28/06, 10:47 am EST



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