by user MetsJetsDevils

The article about Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco got me thinking about the Hall of Fame. In my opinion neither Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, or any other roid head belongs in the Hall of Fame. They are not superior athletes but steroid induced machines. Their statistics are not a result of their ability, but the result of chemical inducements. Nothing destroys the integrity of the game more than performance enhancing drugs. There is no question in my mind that Pete Rose, on the other hand, does belong in the Hall. While gambling on baseball is a reprehensible act, he did that as a manager, not as a player. Every statistic he had he earned through talent and heart. Every statistic gained by Bonds and his merry band of roid ragers was earned in a chemical lab somewhere in California or South America. Here's one vote for "Charlie Hustle" for the Hall and a no vote for "Barry Fake Muscle."


Sun 03/12/06, 10:54 am EST

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