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General Baseball Blogs
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General Baseball Blogs

  • MLB Survivor Game Strategies - Join me as I strategize in an attempt to win every game of MLB Survivor (games begin every Monday), plus my occasional attempts at Beat the Streak. Piggy back along with me until the final rounds!
  • The Foul Pole - For your daily dose of totally biased sports news. Get a laugh from the site that finds the funny side of sports.
  • Baseball For Thought - Excellent baseball commentary with a new opinion column posted every weekday. Comments welcome!
  • - A general sports blog that focuses on video, debate and identifying the chumps and stars of the day. As we enter baseball season, TheSportsFan.TV has begun to focus on that great sport. Check it out and comment!
  • The Baseball Collector - Guy has almost 3000 baseballs he's collected...
  • Baseball Bias -- Employs a staff of team bloggers to cover content pertaining to all 30 teams. Currently looking for additional bloggers to handle game and series recaps.
  • Baseball Musings -- Covers all aspects of the major league game. News, opinions, research. Includes a day-by-day database going back to 1974. Written by a former employee of STATS, Inc., Baseball Info Solutions who was Baseball Tonight's lead researcher for ten years.
  • Boy of Summer -- Travis M. Nelson on baseball. MLB trade rumors, commentary, statistical analysis, humor, with a concentration on the Yankees.
  • Beyond the Boxscore -- SportsBlog Nation general baseball infused with heavy dose of sabermetrics.
  • The Hardball Times -- An online baseball magazine with multiple writers, featuring daily articles and stats.
  • The Baseball Journals
  • The Futility Infielder -- Jay Jaffe on the Yanks, Dodgers, and other 28 teams, offering news, opinions, research and statistical analysis.
  • The Baseball Files -- The Baseball Files features posts on topics ranging from MLB news, player acquisitions and injury reports to general commentary about our favorite game.
  • Baseball Perspectives
  • The Baseball Review
  • Baseball Digest Daily -- Credentialed MLB media organization covering major and minor league news, statistical analysis, fantasy baseball, and minor league prospect evaluations through the use of cutting edge web technology.
  • Fire Joe Morgan - Five guys mercilessly attack bad sportswriting/broadcasting. Lots of rants against Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver.
  • Management by Baseball - Writer Jeff Angus uses baseball as a metaphor for the broader world of business management.
  • Baseball Mike -- Yet another blog by a baseball geek, including long-winded thoughts on fantasy baseball and an unhealthy obsession with Alfonso Soriano.
  • DanAgonistes -- Mostly statistical analysis of baseball with a few posts on history, science, and religion thrown into the mix
  • Baseball Crank
  • Baseball Graphs -- Running commentary on baseball analysis, Win Shares and other weird things. The site includes historical baseball graphs and other stats.
  • Talking Baseball -- Daily analysis and opinions on the latest moves both on and off the field.
  • Obstructed Seats -- Two baseball enthusiasts blogging about players, transactions, games, steroids and everything else that has to do with baseball.
  • XM MLB Chat --Interested in accurate information about baseball on XM MLB Channel 175, Direct TV Ch. 878, & everywhere else.
  • The Baseball Bookshelf -- A look at baseball-related books both new and old, featuring news, original reviews and links to other reviews.
  • Rating the Greatest Baseball Players of All Time --Ranking the best, from #1 (Babe Ruth, of course) on down.
  • Baseball Awards--Choosing who should have won the awards for each major league in every seasons since 1871.
  • Game Four--Thoughts on all all sports including but not limited to Baseball, Football, Basketball, and yes sometimes Hockey
  • The Pastime -- The Pastime is a blog that mostly covers the Oakland A's and the University of Nebraska baseball teams, but ranges over a wide variety of other baseball related topics from sabermetrics to fan experiences to research to book reviews. The Pastime is a blog about baseball, and all that entails.
  • Macks Sports Blog -- Mack Rosenberg gives his inside take on the sport of major league baseball
  • Baseball Link Report -- All the baseball you need to read daily.
  • More Hardball

Minor League Baseball

Independent Baseball

Baseball Humor Blogs

Baseball Rumor Blogs

Baseball Computer Gaming

  • Pitchers Duel -- Commentary on the development of a Baseball Simulation Computer Game

Rotisserie Baseball

National League Blogs

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Florida Marlins Blogs

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Chicago Cubs Blogs

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Cleveland Indians Blogs


Detroit Tigers Blogs

Kansas City Royals Blogs

Minnesota Twins Blogs

Los Angeles Angels Blogs

Oakland Athletics Blogs

Seattle Mariners Blogs

Texas Rangers Blogs

  • The Newberg Report RSS.gif: Comprehensive Rangers minor league coverage. The big club is covered too.
  • The Newberg Report @ RSS.gif: Comprehensive minor league coverage and double duty on answering questions concerning transactions, rules, etc.
  • The Rangers Rundown RSS.gif: Great sabrmetric and fantasy coverage of the Rangers and to some extent, the Rockies
  • Rangers in the News RSS.gif: Superb summaries of Rangers/opponents headlines, plus those from the Rangers' minor leagues and the AL West, from across the internet
  • Wimp-free Sport RSS.gif: Randy Galloway (of the Ft Worth Star-Telegram) blog, lots of Rangers' opinions
  • The Spoils RSS.gif: Blog from Victor Rojas, one of the radio voices of the Rangers
  • Lone Star Ball RSS.gif: A Rangers blog
  • Ranger Fans RSS.gif: Lots of stuff here at one of the internet's original blogs
  • Hitless Wanderings in Texas RSS.gif: AL Fantasy Baseball comments
  • Baseball Time in Arlington RSS.gif: Decent content but like all Most Valuable Network sites, it's SLOOOOOOOOOW.
  • Texas Rangers Trades RSS.gif: Extremely intelligent musings from a 9 year old Rangers fan. This kid's stuff is out of sight and he's got major connections with the players!
  • Bob's Blog Live from Lewisville: Some guy who runs a radio show in DFW area. He doesn't always blog baseball.
  • Chicken Fried Baseball: Baseball blog including Texas Rangers news and opinions.

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