Barbaro, from the 8th post, won the Kentucky Derby in convincing fashion, winning by 6 1/2 lengths. He settled in near the top of the pack and began to make his move to the top immediately after passing the 3/4 mile mark. This marks the 10th time out of 11 years the winner of this race has stayed in place and waited until passing the 3/4 mile mark to make their move toward the finish. (Handy piece of info for the future)

Keyed Entry, the 3 horse, and Sinister Minister, the 4 horse, set a blistering pace early and then withered away. However their start was the prime reason many of the "big-shot" horses praised by analysts: A.P. Warrior, Lawyer Ron, Brother Derek, Point Determined, were never in the race.

This set up a nice $2 exacta paying $587.00 and a $2 trifecta of $11,410.40.

Below is a recap of the results from 1 to 20 including the final odds.

1. Barbaro (8) proved he was the class in the race; 6-1
2. Bluegrass Cat (13) lived up to potential; 30-1
3. Steppenwolfer (2) they were right about him closing; 16-1
4. Jazil (1) if only he wasn't so far back (he was dead last at the start); 24-1
5. Brother Derek (18) was near the pack the whole way but didn't close; 7-1
6. Showing Up (6) not bad for a 3 race horse; 25-1
7. Sweetnorthernsaint (11) this year's "phony favorite"; 5-1
8. Deputy Glitters (14) longshot; 60-1
9. Point Determined (5) not determined; 9-1
10. Seaside Retreat (15) going back to the ranch; 50-1
11. Storm Treasure (19) was worthless; 50-1
12. Lawyer Ron (17) too busy in court, never fired; 10-1
13. Cause to Believe (16) in losing; 25-1
14. Flashy Bull (20) was a flash in the pan; 40-1
15. Private Vow (12) to stay away from the lead; 40-1
16. Sinister Minister (4) had no business being mentioned as a contender; 9-1
17. Bob and John (7) were watching Brokeback Mountain; 12-1
18. A.P. Warrior (10) analysts pick that always bombs; 14-1
19. Sharp Humor (9) wasn't funny; 30-1
20. Keyed Entry (3) was blazing at the start and then fell off; 25-1


Sat 05/06/06, 8:29 pm EST




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