by user Wright4Life

The Mets just wrapped up a 7-1 win over the Washington Nationals, which was a very impressive win. First off, I have to say that I am falling in love with Brian Bannister. He doesn't have over powering stuff, but he gets the outs. He made one mistake, the homer to Alfonso, but that was about it. He looks like he can be a fixture in the rotation for many years. The best part of Bannister doing well is that Heilman can stay in the Bullpen. And with the back end of the bullpen being Heilman, Sanchez, and Wagner, it's lights out innings 7-9.

I watch most of the games on, being that I am currently going to school in Atlanta. I bought a one month subscription, and I am really enjoying it. Although I must say that today's announcers for the Mets game were horrible. It was the Washington broadcast, and they were absolutely awful! They kept bringing up the Guillen/ Pedro issue, and kept begging nats fans to come to the game tomorrow and boo pedro. I know that they are mostly broadcasting to Nats fans, but the MLB is doing their best to put this sitation behind them, and the announcers are not helping. These broadcasters are professionals, they need to act like it. Pedro wasn't throwing at Guillen, he was pitching inside. Anyone who has watched him pitch in the past 6 years should know that. Guillen is a hot head anyway, who always over reacts to inside pitching. This guy is just a psycho.

Finally, I just have to comment on Billy Wagner. I love this guy on our team. He throws straight heat, and is one of the elite closers in the game. Therefore I must say that Mets fan need to calm down about his pitching as of late. Wagner will come into form. This guy is a professional, who has been doing this for many years. Many fans are discouraged because he has yet to crack high 90s on the gun. All I have to say is that Wagner has been pitching in cold weather, and hardly reaches that velocity when the temp is under 70. We'll be fine.

Enjoy the post, or don't. Let me hear some comments! GO METS!


Tue 04/11/06, 12:46 pm EST

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