by user Timothy Moreland

After the first two weeks, it is time to start keeping track of the race for several of the awards. I will update this every couple weeks. With such a small sample size for the first look, there should be some picks that look bad by the end of the year.

AL MVP: Chris Shelton...7 HR .512/.535/1.293 .780ISO

NL MVP: David Wright...3HR .429/.436/.857

AL Cy Young: Curt Schilling...3-0 1.64 ERA

NL Cy Young: Roy Oswalt...2-0 1.99 ERA

AL Rookie of the Year: Ian Kinsler... .476/.577/.714

NL Rookie of the Year: Hanley Ramirez... .389/.463/.639 3SB

American League All Stars

C: Ramon Hernandez... .500/.550/.706

1B: Chris Shelton

2B: Ian Kinsler

3B: Troy Glaus...3 HR .333/.467/.667

SS: Derek Jeter... .282/.396/.487

OF: Vernon Wells... 5 HR .378/.391/.756

OF: Casey Blake... .455/.550/.667

OF: Jay Gibbons... 3 HR .366/.395/.683

SP: Curt Schilling

SP: Randy Johnson... 2-1 2.25 ERA

SP: Mark Hendrickson... 1-0 0.00 ERA

SP: Jose Contreras... 1-0 1.93 ERA

SP: Mike Mussina... 1-1 3.20 ERA

CL: Jon Papelbon... 5 SV 0.00 ERA

RP: Brandon McCarthy... 2.00 ERA 4 Holds

RP: J.C. Romero... 0.00 ERA 2 Holds

National League All Stars

C: Michael Barrett... 3 HR .367/.394/.733

1B: Todd Helton... .406/.604/.750

2B: Jason Smith... 3 HR .450/.542/.950 .500ISO

3B: David Wright

SS: Jack Wilson... 3 HR .375/.426/.675

OF: Ryan Langerhans... .406/.500/.781

OF: Lance Berkman... 6 HR .333/.422/.861 .528ISO

OF: Brad Hawpe... 4 HR .385/.415/.846

SP: Roy Oswalt

SP: Brad Penny... 2-0 1.50 ERA

SP: Brandon Webb... 1-0 2.14 ERA

SP: Tom Glavine... 2-0 1.50 ERA

SP: Josh Beckett... 2-0 1.29 ERA

CL: Derrick Turnbow... 5 SV 0.00 ERA

RP: Duaner Sanchez... 0.00 ERA 3 Holds

RP: Matt Wise... 0.00 ERA 2 Holds


Sun 04/16/06, 4:34 am EST

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