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Do you have questions about your favorite NFL team's upcoming off-season? Do you have a deep desire to know about their needs in the 2008 NFL Draft? Do just want to hear Jason and I nonsensically argue about it?

Well, It's your lucky day! We're now accepting questions to about the NFL off season to answered on our weekly radio show, Fourth Down on WCWP.

Just leave your questions either in the Comments, or email us and we'll start answering questions on the air this week!

Trust me. We're analysts, we know what we're talking about.

You can hear your questions answered live on 88.1 WCWP-Long Island, at every friday at 9 PM, or you can download the podcast of each week's show at

In addition, We are going to have Scott Wright of on the show, and we want your questions about any NFL team, or college player!

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