It's apparent that Texas Rangers Shortstop Michael Young wants out of Texas after the latest talk.

The 32-year old, long-time Ranger has experienced his fair share of bad luck and shear discomfort throughout his nine seasons in a Texas uniform.  It's not really that the Rangers organization has flat-out disrespected him, he has just been bumped around so much that he probably feels that way, at this point.

Originally a second baseman, Young played three different positions in his third season in the majors during the 2002 season (2B, SS, 3B).  Before the 2004 season Young was, likely unwillingly, moved to shortstop after the trade of current SS Alex Rodriguez and the recent acquisition of former New York Yankees second baseman, Alfonso Soriano.  That season Young played 158 games at short and two as the team's designated hitter (DH).

Young has played 150+ games at short every year since the move.


Will Young still be in a Ranger uniform come Opening Day '09?

But after all these years, Young's days in Texas seem to be on the cusp of diminishing.  Young announced publicy that he wants out of Texas after the organization's latest stunt; bumping Young to third.  Texas is trying to replace Young with rookie SS, Elvis Andrus.  Why the Rangers thought they could take advantage of Young's unique ability to play the game of baseball is beyond me.  Before now, I really don't think I've heard much from Michael, but he has made his voice loud and clear this time; He WANTS OUT, Texas!

His numbers may not be quite as eye-popping as the likes of Alex Rodriguez or Albert Pujols, but Young can get it done and, as you can see, very versatile.  He can hit, field and run at an above-average level day in and day out.  Michael has hit for a .300 or better average in five of his nine seasons with Texas, has stolen double-digit bases in four seasons (he only went one season without any SB because he had just two AB's in '00), and has a career .980 fielding percentage in over 1,200 career games.

Add his five All-star selections, one All-star game MVP and his Gold Glove from last season and you've got a pretty reliable resumé.

My point: Michael Young should take his business elsewhere.  If Texas' General Manager, Jon Daniels, and Manager, Ron Washington, don't appreciate what he has done for the team while at the position, they don't deserve to have a player of his caliber on the ball club.  Period.  End of story.  Here's what Young, himself, has to say about the matter (Quote from's Hot Stove Report):

"Shortstop is my job, I've worked hard at it. I've earned it."

Agreed, 100%.

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